Fernando Lopes da Silva

Partner Institutions

Partner Institutions

UMC Utrecht Brain Center, University of Utrecht, the Netherlands

The UMC Utrecht Brain Center represents all research and (international) educational activities of the UMC Utrecht. Specifically, the Registration and Imaging of Brain Systems (RIBS) is a group of researchers from different departments, such as neurology, neurosurgery and radiology, who share the same facilities to register, process and manipulate the neural data. The group’s vision is to unravel the mysteries of the brain on the areas of epilepsy, tumor and sensorimotor paralysis, using functional MRI (3T and 7T) and electrocorticography (ECoG) to measure brain function.

There are currently several fundamental and applied topics of active research in the group, namely:

  1.  Development of Brain-Computer Interfaces (see website);
  2.  Mapping of brain function in epilepsy and tumor patients;
  3.  Relationship between functional MRI and the underlying neuronal activity;
  4.  Development of tools for simulation of neuronal bioelectrical activity and for neurosurgical mapping.

Bioengineering department, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

The Bioengineering Department is the most recent department at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), the engineering school of the University of Lisbon. The department is strongly multidisciplinary and covers the most relevant areas of Biomedical Engineering, including biomedical imaging, biosignals and instrumentation, as well as biomaterials, nanotechnology and regenerative medicine.

The topics of neuroengineering, neuroimaging and brain-computer interfaces are of special importance for this program. The faculty associated with these topics develop their research activities in the research institutes affiliated with IST: Institute of Systems and Robotics – Lisboa (ISR-Lisboa), Telecommunications Institute (IT), and INESC-ID

Important partnerships with national and international research institutes in neurosciences in close connection with public and private hospital infrastructures are established in the scope of this research activity.